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Ambassador Banking

IMPACTO Ambassador Banking is the state of art technology delivering ImpactoXGen's innovative "B2U" (bank 2 You) & "Bank on the Go" business models....

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Impacto IFRS9

IMPACTO’s IFRS9 solution demystifies the myths and pain points of any IFRS9 Implementation. IMPACTO's solution is based on "One Size that Fits all Model"

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TrainX-Interactive Training Tool

Training employees on the new system is not easy. And the old rickety methods of lectures, self-study etc make the process tedious....

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Our Story

Not so long back, there was a guy who was entrusted with the task of implementing a financial system for an eminent credit union. But he was not content with the complex and expensive solutions obtainable then.

He deeply believed “There must be a better way”. In pursuit to disrupt traditional banking norms, he met like minded aficionado. This conclave resulted in the genesis of ImpactoXGen Private limited and IMPACTO Suite of Products

Today ImpactoXGen is on the mission to disrupt traditional banking and innovative redefine tomorrow.

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Our Story

Leadership Team

Sugunavathi Korlepara

Sugunavathi Korlepara


Sugunavathi is the Director. She has been a supporting feature for all employees and events organized by the company. Her charisma, positive attitude and innovative mindset helps make solutions easier for corporate issues.

Nageswara Rao Korlepara

Nageswara Rao Korlepara


Nagesh is an Indian entrepreneur who has outstanding experience as a Banking Software Implementation Specialist coupled with hands-on Banking experience. His banking knowledge and expertise spans Trade Finance, International Banking, Personal Banking and Agricultural Banking.

Niegil John Thomas

Niegil John Thomas


Niegil's corporate IT experience has a proven track record in managing and delivering mission critical projects on time and within budget, meeting all client requirements. He can transform existing technical environments to deliver optimum levels of performance and productivity.

Why Choose Us

Proven IT integrator
Rich experience in core banking transformation
Committed to delivering industry shaping technologies
Constantly innovating products to maximize its potential
Dedicated team passionate about the work
Customer first attitude


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Our Mission

To deliver groundbreaking technological solutions that disrupts tradition and empowers financial institutions to redefine their future by leading the digital revolution.

Our Vision

Innovate | Disrupt | Redefine.

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